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Since I get more questions about bustles than anything else I decided to give this topic it's own section.

You are welcome to ask questions about your gown's bustle and even send me pictures for my opinion about how I might bustle it, but please understand that I can not send you detailed instructions on how to sew bustles. I now have a DVD that has excellent instructions for the 3 major types of bustles I use. Please go to: for more details.

Please also understand that Bustles are an artistic creation. There are no set Rules. I can not say, "Since your gown's train is 'X' long and 'X' wide, you have to bustle it 'this' way." When I discuss Bustles with my bridal customers, I give them choices of styles that will work and the factors for each style. I never dictate to her what is "best", the final decision is always hers.

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