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This year I have seen amny more bustles on Maids and even Mom's gowns. The issues for these bustles are much the same as for a bride, but sometimes there are other factors to consider.

added August 2008

My dress will need to be bustled for the reception.  Unfortunately, I am not happy with how the salon has bustled the back of my gown.  Can you give me a suggestion so the beauty of the gown will show in back.  They presently have it with three pick up loops going to one hook and it does nothing for the dress.

I appreciate your assistance.  I love the dress.  I ordered it in a size 4 and it fits like a glove.  I attached a picture of it unbustled below

Thank you


This train should be able to bustle with only one pick-up point, but I can see that maybe 2 or 3 are necessary. If you want a different look you may have to sacrifice the train being all the way off the floor and let it have a little drag. If 3 points is what is needed to get the width of the train all the way up than that's what it needs.

added July 2007

I am in a wedding in August and I have my dress. I was contacted by the bride (from NY) and told I need a European bussel on my dress. (I'm from Illinois) I cant get the same person to do my dress as all the other girls. What is this bussel? Is there another name for it? I cant find any info on this bussel online or any other place. Can you tell me what it is?

She might mean a French Bustle. You need to ask your bride what she means. You can ask her to go to my site and look at the French Bustle pictures to see if that is what she means.


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