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added July 2009


I am getting married soon, and I recently had what was supposed to be my final dress fitting. I have a mermaid style dress with a chapel train. It is satin with an overlay of beading and lace on tulle--which makes the dress extremely heavy. My seamstress has it bustled in a way that everything is off of the floor, but it drapes in a way that totally ruins the silhouette. I believe there is a center point around my tailbone, plus two a little lower on the sides, and two more points somewhere else...

I don't like it and she thinks the only other way would be to wear the loop under the train around my wrist and carry the dress all night (something I do NOT want to do).

Is there a way to bustle it so that it keeps the silhouette but is also off the floor (and that the points are strong enough to hold the weight of the dress?) I have attached some pictures:

This gown is a perfect candidate for the English Bustle.

More pictures are here:

added May 2009

Love your website! I'm wondering about english bustles--I've attached a photo of a gown that I just ADORE the bustle on, and am wondering if something similar is possible with a gown I'm thinking of buying--the Oleg Cassini CRL277 (I've also attached a photo of that). I have only seen pickup and french bustles on this dress and I don't like them. What to do?
Thank you so much!
Hi Jennifer, 
To get something close to that you'd need to find some lace that matches your gown's lace. I would sew white hooks on the back of this new lace piece, and eyes on the train where it will hook into the back of the lace piece. Then sew more hooks and eyes at the place near your butt where you want this to attach to the back of the gown.
If done carefully, you could recreate what you want rather nicely.


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