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This is a much smaller apartment workroom - 10' X 10'. But most of the stuff I had in the old basement studio is here, just condensed and drastically reorganized.

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Studio Picture 1Here is the view from the doorway. The first thing you see is the pressing corner.


Studio Picture 2The main work corner has both my sewing machine and computer that I can use from the same chair. (Neat new chair was a gift from my Mom :))


Studio Picture 3The alternate work corner has the sergers ready to set-up on the worktable when I need them, and out of the way when they are not in use. A nifty Beading set-up so I can simply move my chair over and have great lighting and a hook to hang the item I'm working on.


Studio Picture 4

Nicely organized shelves hold all I need and give me easy access to it. You can see through the doorway the bathroom I use as a changing room when I do have customers visit, but that has been rare. I am trying to keep my fitting strictly off premises. It works so much better with the smaller space I have now.

Also notice the hook over the doorway. I can hang all kinds of things from wedding gowns to simply dresses to inspect or trim crinolines.


studio picture 5This is the closet where work is kept neatly filed away, sorted by when it is due. I also have a small picture gallery.



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