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Here are some thumbnail images of my second appartment workroom.

This room is much bigger than my 10' X 10' room, about 14' X 20'. Which is nice, but I had a new challenge - This room has to also serve as my bedroom. Creating a room that does not look like a bedroom was my main goal. There are 2 closets, so I simply used one for my personal items and one for work items, but they often get in eachother's way.

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Studio Picture 1

First thing in the doorway is my thread rack. Not the most convenient place (or well lighted) but about the only place it would fit.

Shelves of books and other necessities line the short wall leading to the pressing corner. I can pull the ironing board out as I need to or push it back against the wall if I need more floor space for fitting.


Studio Picture 2My main work corner is much the same as I had it in the last room with the addition of a huge window that gives me lots of nice sunlight.


Studio Picture 4

The couch is a futon. It makes a nice transition from a place for customers to sit to my bed to sleep on. The large drawer under the bed houses my costuming supplies.

The 2 closets behind the couch are great. The one on the left is for work while the right one holds my personal clothes.


The half bath doesn't make the best dressing area, but being able to hang a mirror on the back of my door gives me a nice fitting room where brides can view themselves with ease.



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