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added April 2006

I need help!I am being asked to do the impossible in 4 weeks.This dress Has designer finishes that are impossible to recreate without a large Pain in my neck.The girl has a fitted gown that if fully boned and lined And beaded AND is 3-6" too SMALL(She just gave birth to a lovely baby Girl) up top.It has a zipper covered by a strip of covered buttons.The Bodice is strapless covered in beaded netting with cording in geometric Patterns but is not solid.There are two lines of material separating it Kinda like this:
Top of breasts front
Netting and beading
White Material same as
The dress 6" gap
Center breast Netting and beading
White Material same as the dress
Upper stomach Netting and beading 3" gap
End of bodice
Skirt1/2" too small

I thought of adding a panel at the side seams but I think it would mess Up the lines of the dress (trim) and the boning will need to be Moved(placement issues) .I am afraid that I may have to replace the Whole bodice.The dress has been cleaned and needs a some beading touch Ups. Geez. it is hard to explain.Do you have any suggestions? I know you Can not see the dress.She got the dress second hand. Her mom does not Want to pay much either......She says she does not care what I do to it as long as it fits.Her wedding is in 4 weeks and I think she may have to be duct taped together and covered with a shawl(I told her mom that today).LOL. Over my head in more ways than one-sorry about the rant
Leslieanne in Wa

What ever you do to this dress is going to be expensive in using your brain power and your time and sewing skills. You need to be paid for all these things - YOU deserve it!

The options -
1. Piecing at the side seams. This always looks bad in my opinion but it's an option. Getting fabric that matches the dress is very hard. In telling them this option they must understand that you are not responcible for the fabric that is available in the stores in your area.

2. Piecing at the zipper. This has the same fabric defficulty as the sides but you can be creative here and add something different because it will look like a design set into the back.

3. Replace the bodice. This is a viable option that can save you the other problems. You still have the fabric to find that matches the skirt, but it will be much easier than the piecing options. If they want the original bodice recreated, it will be a huge job. You can offer to do a simple bodice without the layers for a lower price.

4. Buy a dress that fits.

Have each option ready for them with the pros and cons. Have a very high price for each option. In fact, double your normal prices. This is rush and they need to pay you accordingly. Tell them the option and pricing for each and let them pick the option they like best. Do not haggle with them. The prices are not nagotiable, just the choice of option. You do not have time for haggling and this job is going to be hard enough no matter what they choose. There is alway option #4.

This is the type of job I try to not accept at the first phone call. They are going to blame you for all their troubles, even the ones not tied to the dress. They are trying to pull together a wedding with no resourses and rushed. Not good for anyone. Don't let their sence of urgency or lack of funds effect you. Be professional and stay calm no matter what they say - for they may say many things that will surprise you.

I am very busy this week, but I also always have the computer on. If you feel frustrated or just have a question I will try to help. You do understand that my not being able to see the dress does make this really hard, but the options are usually the same no matter what the gown's design is.

I hope I have helped a little.


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