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added February 2010

Dear Leanna

I have written you a few times and I always appreciated your candor.  I run an alteration shop for mostly bridal and  formal wear. I have come into a lot of turning zippered backs into lace up corset style. My problem is I would like to find a place that sells the ties so I don't have to spend hours making them. I have thought of contacting designer houses and asking if they would sell me the ties. I am set up next to a bridal store that is very generous to me in a lot of ways including giving me excess ties, but I will eventually run into having to have different colors than what they have excess of for the prom storm approaching. Any advice or info you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Rita,
I don't know of any company that sells ties for this. When the gowns are made in the factory the ties are made of the gown fabric just like you have been doing.
I have used several options for ties and their loops: nice satin ribbon, rat tail braid, and other braided trims. There are many options in fabric stores that you can buy by the roll. I keep at least one white and one ivory on hand. It depends on what my brides wants as to what I use. They often want it made form the same fabric as the modesty panel. So, I end up making them even though I have the rolls on hand.


Got any questions or comments?

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