Order/Download Problems


I had a little bit of difficulty getting access to the link to obtain the PDF files at first, but everything turned out fine eventually. The problem was that since most programs on Macs are "back" compatible, I just went ahead and used my current version of Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (which was bundled with my Mac 8.6 OS software) to try to access your page. Whoops.

Here's what the problem is--it's an incompatibility with the Mac system software and Acrobat 5.0 URL access.

The latest version of Acrobat that is bundled with Mac systems 8.6 and above is 5.0 Acrobat. But Acrobat 5.0 is not URL-access compatible with the Mac 8.6 and above systems. I have 5.0 downloaded and on my machine (and it is in working order) and is what I usually use. The 4.0 versions were designed for pre-8.6 Mac OS (and I didn't even have a copy). I looked up the troubleshooting files at the Adobe Acrobat web site after I experienced trouble, and they state that Acrobat 5 doesn't install URL access in Mac OS 8.6 and above. They said that they had disabled some Internet features because of system limitations. I installed 4.0 Acrobat from the Adobe web site (which you thoughtfully included in your e-mail message), and when I tried your URL again, evidently Acrobat 4.0 provided a bridge to open your PDF duct tape double. As near as I can figure, Adobe 5.0 runs, but it uses the 4.0 URL access, since it popped up a message asking if I wanted to fix the problem so that I could access the URL (it only did this after I downloaded the 4.0 software). I'm not a computer whiz, so I don't know the technical whys. I was able to save your PDF file to my hard drive at that point without a problem. It seems to be opening and functioning okay now that it's on my hard drive. I've opened and closed it a couple of times and run through the pages, and it seems to be doing what it should.

Only a small percentage of people are running on Mac platforms, but for anyone who is running on Mac OS 8.6 and above (10.1 just came out) and using Adobe 5.0 without the earlier 4.0 version on their systems, this could cause a brief problem until they downloaded the earlier Acrobat 4.0 version. I just wanted to let you know about this in case it happened with somebody else. I suspect that eventually Mac or Adobe will put out a proper patch for 8.6 and later operating systems so that later versions of Acrobat will have URL access.

All this above sounds garbled and windy! I guess if you wanted to put a note in a troubleshooting section on your downloading instructions, it could just state that "If you are running Mac OS 8.6 or above and Adobe Acrobat 5.0, you'll need to download Acrobat 4 for the Mac in order to open the PDF file from the URL address provided in the e-mail." Or, maybe your other customers haven't been dumb enough to try it with 5.0 first, and all of this is unnecessary! Leave it to me!

Of course, if I'd just downloaded 4.0 to begin with, none of it would have happened! Duh. Some of us Mac people!

Your instructions look absolutely wonderful and are very clear. I'll be going over them in more detail, but I am so glad to be able to get them.

Thank you so much.

Wow, Rae, no, I was not aware that there was a problem with Macs and the version 5. Thanks for the info!

I have enjoyed your website. I have the adobe and acrobat 5.0 but I am computer illiterate and I am not understanding how to download. Can you assist me? I am a fashion design student and I need to save anywhere I can if you know what mean. Dress forms can be expensive, also, I like to sew for plus size. I will appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.

The instructions for ordering are at:

The downloading instructions are sent after you order. You will get an e-mail with a link in it. Basically, all you do is click on the link and your computer does the rest.

If I order the directions to download the dress form instructions and in the middle of downloading them my ISP server cuts me off can I go back and get the rest of the download or if it don't download can I retry as I live way out in the country and only have one ISP server and some times if our phone lines are slow they shut me down.

My set-up isn't like most you-get-one-shot-at-it deals. I set up a download for just you with your own link. It stays active for at least 48 hours (depending on when I get to cleaning house it could be there for 4 days or so) So you should have enough time to get the file, even if it takes a few tries. I understand how ISP's are sometimes.

If you find that you need more time than 48 hours, all you have to do is let me know and I can keep your link active for as long as you need. Just please tell me as soon as you have the file all saved on your computer so I can use the space for the next person who wants to order.

I need your address to send my order but I can't find it anywhere on your site.

You are right, my address is not anywhere on the site. Considering the subject matter on my site (wrapping naked bodies in duct tape) I think you can understand why I do not put it there. I get lots of strange e-mails from strange people already, I don't want one showing up on my doorstep. So I only send out the address to those who place an order.

To order the file go to:

Thanks for understanding :)

I am interested in the instructions for the body double. Can you please tell me if you send the instructions to Canada? and how much for Canadian orders?

It doesn't matter where you are in the world. I have customers all over, as far away as New Zealand. I can only do US funds though, but if you pay using a Canadian credit card your bank will do the money exchange for you. I'm sorry but I have no idea what the exchange rate is lately.

My question is will you send the disk to me in Canada if I snail mail you $10.00 plus a disk?

I have the disks already made up. I can send one to you but I need payment in US funds, not Canadian money. A credit card would do the conversion for you so most people pay this way. It's easier.

I want to inquire about ordering the instructions for the Duct Tape Dress Form. Is there any problem with my being in Ireland??

No, it does not matter where you are. That's the beauty of the Internet.

I must say I am intrigued by your plans and interested in getting a copy of the detailed directions. This may seem funny, but I just wanted to check that there was actually someone paying attention to orders that come form the web. Your site doesn't seem to have been updated recently, so this is a sort of net "ping" to be sure everything is cool. Sincerely, Denise

I check my e-mail at least twice a day, often more. I can't check it hourly nor do I have daily updates to make to my website. But I am here!

I'm interested in ordering the instructions, but wanted to make sure everything is "up and running" there first. Can you drop me a reply to indicate that all is working on your end? I'm requesting this because occasionally I've ordered something from a website, only to find that that site wasn't fully operational or was out of service. Thanks so much. I look forward to ordering from you and cannot wait to make my own double! Rosie

That's really strange that a company would put up a site to sell stuff and make money then not process orders properly. But odd things happen every day. I am here and I try my best to process orders within 24 hours, most a whole lot faster. I was away this past weekend and had a notice up but I am here now. I will be checking the orders once more tonight and then once in the morning tomorrow.

Sorry to bug you again but would it be OK to pay via credit card by sending part of the number from one e-mail address and the rest of the number from another e-mail address?

I have gotten orders that way from folks who weren't as nice as you are to ask - so sure! I'll know they go together by your name. Just fill out the order form (as you mentioned) twice with half the number on one and the other half on the other. Please do remember to put the expiration date on one of them.

I will send the # Visa - expiration date 12/01 in a different e-mail.
The subject will be Friends Phone #.
I hope this is safe.

Yes, it really is. Most folks don't understand the real problem with credit cards and the Internet is not in sending your number over the Net, but companies who keep your number in their computer system after they receive it. It's not efficient to try to steel numbers as they are being transmitted. The thief may get a few numbers here and there, more if it hits a big company. They don't even try to waste their time on tiny companies like me. But to give a computer a virus that gives you access to it's store of client's numbers is more likely to gain thieves a jackpot. I have the best protection against this that a PC can have, a great Antivirus program and a hardware firewall.

But as an added precaution, after I have processed an order the number gets wiped from my system. So, you don't need to worry.

But I don't see any note saying it is a secure site. Will you please let me know?

If a site is not labeled secure, than it is not. When you enter this secure section of a site to order things you will get a little box that tells you that you are entering the secure section. If you don't get this box on any site, you can be sure it is not secured. Mine is not. I thought I had put something about that on the ordering instructions but I will have to do that for better clarity.

The PayPal option is a secure type transfer that you can feel very save using. I pay a higher fee for this, but it's not so bad as paying the extra for securing my whole site. Lot's of my customers like this option because they are familiar with it from other sites.

A Special Thanks-

To all my Internet friends who have given suggestions for this page. Whether it was an easier way to make the form you discovered while trying this method for yourself, or helping me phrase an instruction so it could be understood better, your help has been indispensable. If you have noticed your words added to this page, give yourself a big pat on the back.