added November 2007

Is there a way I could use this method alone?  I know nobody locally that would be willing to spend hours wrapping my body in duct tape, and I can’t afford to travel to have it done. 

Thank you. Connie

A few people have reported trying to do it alone. It's not easy, but it can be done if you are very patient. 

added April 2007

I walk a wheel chair.I  also need to wear a 8 inch Velcro corset around my lower back. At sixty It looks like I will be permanently bent to some degree. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations In reference to my using your method to make a wrapped form? I appreciate your time In considering this possible solution to the application to my particular design problems.

My first thought it that it might be difficult for you to stand for the several hours it takes to do the wrapping. This is a fun project but I don't' want any one risking their health over it.

I am the step-mother of a 16 year old and she wants to make a duct tape prom dress.(for the scholarship money) For the last 10 years, I have always tried to help her with whatever project she needs help with. With a duct tape dress, I don't have a clue.

Can you help me at all. Thanks, Doris

The only words of wisdom I have is, "Duct Tape can't be sewn on." What ever you do, you can not use a sewing machine directly on the Duct Tape. You can make a dress and then cover it with Duct Tape, or use the tape to connect pieces together, but if you try to sew the tape you will ruin your machine.

I was wondering if you could answer my question about Duct Tape. It was homecoming week at our school and one of the dress up days was Trash Bag and Duct Tape day. SO my creativity went to order. I made a fabulous skirt and shirt out of trash bags and well you guessed it duct tape. I also thought it would be trendy to put duct tape on the end of my brand new white leather shoes, around the soul is rubber. I was thinking it would stick so I took it off a few minutes later and it didn't stick so I was all OK cool. SO I did it again at the end of the day it was stuck. What is the remedy to get the rest of the nasty sticky things off of my white shoes? Please please please tell me what to do.

Thanks so much,

Try spraying the residue down with WD-40 or Duck® brand Adhesive Remover (it has a really nice citrus scent) and let it sit for a bit. The residue should whip right up. You can also roll duct tape sticky-side-out around your hand and dab up bits of remaining residue.

If the goo is only on the rubber part of the shoe, it should come off with a little work, but if it's on the leather, you might end up with some of the leather damaged.

Good morning. Love your website! I came across an old Acme Stretchable dress form in a yard sale and would like to know if your could help me to understand how to accurately shape it to fit me. I've played with it and each time I think I have one measurement right I find I have thrown off another. Any suggestions? Thank you,Karen

I can't say that I have ever seen an Acme Stretchable dress form. Is it like the kind of old time forms that were made out of wire that you put on your body and shapes it to your figure? These were hard to manage and didn't recreate the figure very well because when taken off the body they were always bigger than you. I think that's why they stopped making them.

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