added January 2007

I have a question. My wedding dress is super puffy with tons and tons of layers and tulle in it. I love the dress, but now I’m thinking it’s just too puffy. Is there a way for some of the layers to be TAKEN out?

Sure, layers can be cut out a you wish. I suggest doing one layer at a time and see how it effects the gown. As you cut out layers the puffiness will get less which will also cause the gown relax and to become longer, so it might need to be shortened once you get as much of the puff out as you want.

I haven't had my dress altered at all yet. Where are you located? How much does it usually cost to take out layers? Is it possible that I might ruin my dress by doing this?

I'm in Cincinnati Ohio.

I'd need to see the gown to tell you a price.

The question about "ruining" is harder to answer. It depends on how you define a ruin. It might not look like you had envisioned it but it could still be nice. I try to encourage brides to give things a few days to think about it and see if your feeling don't change to liking the new look.

If you end up being sure you do not like the look after the layers are removed, they can be replaced. It will be very difficult and cost much more to replace them than it did to take them out, but you can reverse the operation.

added November 2006

I purchased a previously owned Reem Acra "Sumptuous" dress. The dress came with MANY layers of netting underneath to support the ball gown skirt. Since then, I have picked out the wedding location. There is no way my Dad and I will even fit down the aisle with such a huge skirt. Can I remove this from the dress without it looking strange? Is it necessary to have this underneath it anyway? Thanks.

You can take out as much of the netting as you like, but the skirt will drop down and you might need to hem it. It might be a good idea to take out a little at a time and see how it is effecting the length then take out more until you have the look you want.


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