Stand Ideas


added July 2007

Hi Leanna,
I recently purchased your instructions and last week my sister-in-law was visiting and I had her wrap me!  It took us 3-1/2 hours.  I had previously found a stand for construction halogen lights at a garage sale for $3.00.  It is very sturdy with a 1-1/4" diameter pole.  I was planning to use a PVC pipe in the centre of the DTD, but I don't know how to join the two.  Do I need to include my husband in the process and have him add a block of wood, or is there a simpler method?  I have read through all of the comments on your web site but don't see anything that will help me.  Thanks for any further input you can give me.


I'm not sure what a halogen light stand looks like but the stand I used for my double let me slide the pile up the tube I used for the double center. It worked great but my double is so old now that it doesn't represent me any more.

About the cardboard tube:  Is the tube and a disk of cardboard on the floor, the "stand" that holds everything up, or am I misunderstanding it?

No, you are putting the cardboard oval on the floor only to position the hole markings so that when you cut your hole the cardboard tube is then stuck through the hole in the cardboard oval and the oval is slid up the tube to be positioned at the hip point you determined to become the bottom of your form.

I hope this is a little clearer now to you. It's very hard to describe these things - - - And Thank you for pointing out this little confusion. I will try to rewrite the instructions to clear this up.

I have also made my body double.  I was following Barbara's PVC suggestions from Feb. 4, 1998.  I have a question as to what she used in the bottom of the double.  Is there a way I can get her e-mail?  I'm not sure what she means when she talks about PVC toilet base.  Any help you can give will be appreciated.  Thanks

Say, Barbara, if you happen to be around could you please send an answer. I'm sure others are wondering too.

Here's your answer from a kind reader:

This is a toilet flange. It can be found in the plumbing department. I just got mine 2 nights ago and today hubby screwed the flange to the plywood base and had already cemented the pipe in. I am using a 4" diameter pipe (I figured this will allow me to use less stuffing and still have a good likeness. A friend and I are using newspaper to fill with as have done many ladies in her civil war reenactment group. I am still searching for the hanger. Thanks for the great site. Keep up the good work.


A Special Thanks-

To all my Internet friends who have given suggestions for this page. Whether it was an easier way to make the form you discovered while trying this method for yourself, or helping me phrase an instruction so it could be understood better, your help has been indispensable. If you have noticed your words added to this page, give yourself a big pat on the back.